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Composition with Brendan Collins

Video Tutorials on Specific Compositional Techniques
Voicing Chords for Strings

Often the key to composing successfully for string ensembles comes down to how well the chords are voiced. This tutorial focuses on a simple technique that is guaranteed to improve your string writing in no time

Composing Piano Accompaniments

Composing piano accompaniments is an integral part of creating successful works for solo instruments and voice.  Here is a tutorial that investigates the role of piano accompaniments and provides  techniques that will lead to better accompaniment writing

Writing a Walking Bass Line

This tutorial demystifies the art of composing supportive and interesting walking bass lines

Writing a Rock Song

This step by step approach to composing a successful rock song focuses on developing strong and 'catchy' melodic material, a clearly defined structure and the roles of the singer and instrumentalists

Basic Blues
Melody Writing with the Blues Scale

Use the blues scale to create meaningful melodies.  Phrasing, repetition and thematic development are all part of creating a successful melody 

Wordsetting - Song Writing

Setting words to music. This tutorial will guide you through the process of taking a set of lyrics and turning them into a vocal composition

Melody Writing
Part 1

This tutorial will demonstrate how a composer can develop a sophisticated and meaningful melody from a set of chords

Melody Writing
Part 2 - Enclosures

This tutorial will demonstrate how a simple technique will revolutionise your ability to compose colourful and interesting melodic lines

Writing a Fugue Exposition

This tutorial will demonstrate how a simple technique will revolutionise your ability to compose colourful and interesting melodic lines

Successful HSC Composer

Something different.  This interview gives us an insight into how Tom Collins achieved success as a composer in the Higher School Certificate

Two - Part Writing
Part 1

Demystifying the process of creating two independent musical lines of equal importance that harmonise with each other. This process more simple than you may think

Voicing Jazz Chords

Whether you compose jazz music or music of other genres, this simple technique will bring your chord progressions to life and ensure smooth flowing musical lines

Creating Chord Progressions

Chords are a great starting point when composing music, but how does one create a meaningful harmonic progression?  This tutorial will guide you through a step by step process that is sure to have you creating strong progressions for your future compositions

Part 1

Most successful compositions have a change of tonality at some point but how do composers seemlessly transition from one key to another?  This tutorial will show you how

Part 2

This technique is even easier than Part 1.  No preparation required, you don't even need to return to the original key.  This modern method of changing tonality will breathe ramp up the energy levels of any composition.  

Non Major Minor Tonality

Ok so now you are feeling more confident in your ability to compose music.   How about  moving outside the traditional major/ minor tonalities?  This tutorial will suggest ways of creating your own tonalities that will give your music a modern and contemporary flavour

12 Bar Blues

12 Bar Blues - so simple, right? ...  Think again.  This tutorial demonstrates how sophisticated this 'simple' progression can be.  Techniques presented in this video do not just apply to the blues.  Once mastered you will find yourself using these methods in all your compositions

Composing in 7/8

Composing in uneven time signatures can be daunting but not anymore.  This technique simplifies the process and will have you composing freely in uneven time signatures with confidence.

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